Part 3: Appointment reminders

Want to reduce last-minute cancellations? Appointment reminders are here to save the day! With GorillaDesk, you get to decide what your appointment reminders look like and when they are sent to your clients.


Appointment reminders allow you to send an email and/or SMS message to customers to remind them of a currently confirmed status job. This reduces the number of no shows.

The email and sms are completely customizable for your own business process. You can decide to include a time stamp or not.

Tips & Tricks

  • Excluding a time stamp variable will just show the customer the day of service instead of an exact time.
  • To create more friction in the rescheduling process, exclude the reschedule button from your email and request the customer to call you to reschedule.
  • The most commonly used reminder frequency is set at one day before the appointment date.
  • Reminders can be sent manually from the calendar if you do not want GorillaDesk to automatically batch them out. (When sending reminders manually the system uses template Reminder #1)
  • A history of all sent email reminders is available under Reports / System email history.

Note: A live preview of the email template is available while you’re building it.

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