Part 1: Edit your company settings

During the free trial sign up process, we collect basic information about you and your company. Here however, is where you add the information you would like to appear on your invoices, estimates, and other imporant forms.


Most of the company settings are completed during the initial trial sign up. The company information here is the same info to appear on your invoices, statements and additional forms.

Operating Hours: The available window of time to schedule jobs on your calendar.

Timezone: The operating time of your schedule and display time on things like appointment reminders.

Currency: The currency in GorillaDesk will display, as well as the currency Stripe will process credit cards in.

Upload Your Logo: Upload a custom logo to appear on your paperwork with a recommended size of 200px by 200px. Larger logo sized are resized to this scale.

Chat with Support

We’re excited to show you the new way of doing things with GorillaDesk. So if you’ve run into any trouble making GorillaDesk work for you during your trial, we definitely want to hear about it.

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