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Targeting Top Prospects with Your Ad Copy

Learn how to discourage tire kickers and looky-loos from visting your website and landing pages. Remember, you get charged everytime someone interacts with your ad, so make every click count.

Google Ads has the potential to be your BEST salesperson. We’re talking around the clock traffic, leads, and sales. No breaks or vacation days, just results. But you don’t want tire kickers, price shoppers, or deal hunters visiting your site. You want people who are genuinely interested in doing business with you. After all, you pay every time someone clicks your ad. 

Keeping CTR Low On Purpose

Sometimes, only a small percentage of people are a good fit for your specific offer.

That was the case with the bed bug example we showed you earlier. This pest control company prefers to fumigate most homes dealing with bed bug problems. In their eyes, not only is this method superior to traditional bed bug treatments, but the preparation period is far shorter because you don’t need to disassemble your bed frames or furniture.

So, we need to update our ads so they’re hyper-focused. As you can imagine, a lot of people search for bed bug treatments online. And even after we use negative keywords to filter out searches we don’t want—such as “bite,” “skin,” and “itch”—our ads will still be triggered by people looking for cheaper alternatives.

For example, if someone wants a single-room heat treatment and/or chemical application, they are not our ideal customer. So we need to ensure our ad filters out this type of traffic. In this scenario, the more is not the merrier. We want as many high-quality clicks as possible. 

Connect with Your Ideal Customers

So our bed bug ad needs to be as clear and specific as possible. Our headline and description must appeal to the exact customer we’re after, for example…

Whole Home Bed Bug Fumigation—Starting At $4 Per Square Foot
Dealing With A Severe Bed Bug Infestation! Get Rid Of Your Pest Problem For Good!

If I’m being honest, a lot of people are going to see this ad and pass it up, which is perfectly fine. All we want are clicks from people who match these criteria: (1) they’re dealing with a severe infestation, (2) they’re okay with a bed bug fumigation, not heat treatment, and (3) they don’t mind paying a little more for an effective solution. Which means this ad does the job.

Remember, the words you use in your Google ads should be the same words you use when you’re in the field or on the phone talking to a prospect, convincing them to buy something.

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