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Pirate Metrics for Local Service Businesses

We know how confusing, frustrating, and intimidating marketing can be for small business owners, so we’ve created the holy grail of growth just for you. Inside you’ll find the best metrics and marketing channels for each stage of the Pirate Metrics framework.


Learn what the Pirate Metrics framework is and why your business needs it.


The awareness stage focuses on the brand-building aspect of your marketing.


The acquisition stage is where you identify website visitors as individual users.


The activation stage is where you encourage new leads to try your services.


The revenue stage is where a lead finally becomes a paying customer.


The retention stage focuses on getting customers to come back and buy again.


The referral stage is where customers recommend you to their family & friends.

Erik Arrabal

Marketing Lead at GorillaDesk

Downright obsessed with digital marketing, Erik helps field-service professionals just like you understand and implement a smarter, more efficient marketing strategy into their business.

Learn How to Set SMART Goals

Setting SMART goals helps you clarify your ideas, focus your energy, and use your resources wisely. To help you get started, we’ve created a FREE template with all the tools you need to set (and achieve) your most important marketing goals.

Run Your First Marketing Experiment

In order to figure out which marketing channel will work for your business, you need to run experiments early and often. So we created FREE Test and Learn Cards with instructions so you can get started today. Now, running marketing experiments is easy!

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