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How to analyze your website traffic

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to track your traffic growth rate month-over-month, breakdown your visits into new vs. returning users, and understand which marketing channels are driving the most traffic to your website.

Website Visits

The Website Visits dashboard is connected to your Google Analytics account, and allows you to analyze your website traffic and view trends over time.

To access the Website Visits dashboard, hover over the GorillaDesk label in the sidebar and click the Dashboard link. Then click the Website Visits title.

Comparison Report

The Comparison Report allows you to compare the traffic you received this month (28 days) against the traffic you received during a 28-day period one month, one quarter, and one year ago. This metric is important to track and improve because increasing website visits increases the number of leads (quotes and calls) you can generate from your website.

Note: If your business is seasonal, meaning there are fluctuations in demand throughout the year, the most important metric to track in the Comparison Report is the number of visits you received this month versus the number of visits you received during the same month one year ago. This will help you determine whether or not your traffic is growing year-over-year.

Line Chart

The Line Chart allows you to visualize your website visits for the specific date range selected: week, month or quarter. This view is perfect for spotting fluctuations between specific days.

Breakout Table

In Google Analytics, a user is someone who visits your website. If the person is visiting your website for the first time, they’re considered a new user, and if they’ve visited your website in the past, they’re considered a returning user. The Breakout Table segments your website traffic into Total Visits and New Visits, so you can understand how many visitors are new.

Day of Visits

The Day of Visits bar chart allows you to breakdown your website traffic by the day of the week, so you know which day your website visits is the highest and lowest.

Channel Grouping

The Channel Grouping table and pie chart break down your website visits by marketing channel. These metrics are important because they let you know which marketing channels drive the most traffic to your website and where potential customers hang out online.

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