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How to delegate Domain Registrar access

Are you done customizing your staging site? Great! Your next step is to add our team as a user to your domain name registrar. This is the site you used to purchase your URL. Once we have access, we can connect your URL to our server and push your staging site live.


Go to your GoDaddy Account Settings.

  • If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be prompted to log in.

Click Delegate Access.

In the People who can access my account section, click Invite to Access.

Enter the Name and Email Address for the person you’re inviting.

Select the access level Domain Only.

Click Invite.

Note: Invitations from GoDaddy expire within 48 hours, so please complete this step during the week and send [email protected] an email to let us know you sent an invitation.


Sign into your Namecheap account.

Select Domain List from the left sidebar and click on the Manage option in front of the domain name you would like to share access for.

Choose the Sharing & Transfer tab from the top menu and find the Share Access section.

Input [email protected] into the New Manager field and click Add.

Here you have the opportunity to select which settings we will have access to edit.

Please check the Advanced DNS box and ensure all the boxes under it are checked too.

Enter your account password in the appropriate field to confirm that you wish to share access to these settings with us.

Click Confirm.


Navigate to the Account Privileges page.

Click the Account Privileges link.

Click the Grant Privileges to a New Person button.

Enter the email address and name of the person you wish to give privileges to.

Select the additional privileges to which you wish grant access.

At the bottom of the page, click the Set Privileges button to save your changes.

Other Domain Registrars

Don’t see your domain registrar listed above? Please submit a ticket to our team.

Still have questions?

We're happy to help! Chat with support or submit a ticket today.