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Device Tracking

Start managing devices like a pro.

A Better Way to Manage Devices

If you want to drive more commercial and facility management business you’ll need proper reporting and tracking. This feature gives you the tools to confidently go out and win big business.

Start by attaching a barcode to any traps, devices or equipment you’d like to track on the job site. The GorillaDesk mobile app can scan these barcodes in the field to allow you to easily record any activity and findings.

Send detailed device reports along with your work orders to meet state requirements. Arm facility managers with the data they need to operate within compliance.



Start bidding on jobs with facilities requiring device tracking.


Small and medium companies appear more professional in the field.


Store device data in the cloud to access it from anywhere at any time.


Stay within state compliance for your company and your customers.

In the Field
Let’s take a look at how easy it is to manage devices from the mobile app from the field.

Devices Card

When Devices is turned on in your GorillaDesk account all of your jobs will have the additional Devices app card available. This will expand the functionality of each of your jobs to include device tracking.

✓   Synopsis of total devices on the job site
✓   Access to a whole array of menu options for devices
✓   Jump into scan mode to quickly add or search your devices

Devices Details

Manage devices and barcode scanning easier than ever before. Adding and recording devices is now simple for any technician.

✓  Snap a device image to remember where it’s located
✓  Assign Devices to specific areas at the location
✓  Record the device status and set the activity level
✓  Record materials used and findings

Devices Menu

A full set of management features come included so you can customize your Devices, Areas, Statuses and Activity Levels.

In the Office
With Devices activated, you’ll have access to add Devices as a menu option for all your jobs. Admins can easily pull up past device history. Easily send work order paperwork featuring device data to your customers & facility managers.

✓  Admin can view device recordings in real time
✓  Print or email work orders with device data
✓  Meet state requirements regarding material tracking

Paperwork Templates
With the Devices feature active you’ll have the option to show device details on your invoices and work orders. The following paperwork sections become available:

✓  Device Inspection Summary
✓  Device Application Summary
✓  Inspection Detail
✓  Products Applied

Completely custom built work orders and invoices are also an option with GorillaDesk. We can bring in your own paperwork or make your ideas come to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about Device Barcode Scanning, we have answers.

How do I obtain my barcode labels?

Print your own: Any barcode label maker will work as long as your printing normal 1d and 2d barcodes. The system does not work with QR codes.

Purchase from a reseller: There are plenty of options to purchase sequenced barcode labels from Amazon and many other online vendors.

Which barcode scanners will work for me?

First, you can simply use your phone or tablet’s camera to scan barcodes, and it works like a charm.

When purchasing a compatible 1d or 2d scanner be sure it’s compatible with your device’s operating system. Bluetooth compatible devices will make pairing with your phone or tablet easy and wireless.

Which plan do I need to use this feature?

Device features are only available on GorillaDesk’s Pro plan.