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GorillaDesk users report growing faster than ever before using our software suite.
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Device Tracking

Start bidding on jobs with facilities requiring device tracking. Attach barcodes to any traps, devices or equipment you’d like to track on the job site.

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Schedule faster: create a job, choose a client, and assign it to your team with only a few clicks.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Streamline your workload by putting our features into play. From quoting to getting paid, in every area of your business, GorillaDesk saves you time. Our features help you manage your team, your clients, and your business, without breaking a sweat.


Bring any files outside of GorillaDesk and attach it to your accounts. Keep it all in one place.

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Access your customer data from any device and any location. Mobile and desktop changes are seamless.

Data Storage

Sleep safe with your data backed up and completely secure. We’ve got you covered.

Device Tracking

Scan, update, and track your devices in the field. Work with facilities requiring device tracking.

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Easily fill contracts, agreements or any document seamlessly, then send it off for an e-signature.

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Drag and Drop Calendar

The most robust calendar on the market. Schedule or reassign jobs quickly and easily.

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Email Automation

Reduce phone time with automated communication. Reduce receivables with late payment reminders.


Easily draft and send estimates while on site. Close more business with automated estimate reminders.

GPS Tracking

See your team’s location on the map in real time. GorillaDesk track and stores actual routes while using the app.

Try GorillaDesk First, Pick a Plan Later

Get all our amazing features and top-rated support, with no credit card required.


Getting paid is easy and fast. Email or print invoices and allow customers to pay online.

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Material Tracking

Easily track, store, and report on chemical and pesticide usage. Meet state compliance.

Mobile App (iOS & Android)

The mobile app is designed for field use. Have the power of GorillaDesk in your pocket.

Notes & Notifications

The best notes process in the business. Communicate effectively with customers & team members.

Payments (Stripe)

Get paid faster with online payment links & save cards on file for future billing using Stripe.

QuickBooks Sync

Easily push customer, invoice & payment data from GorillaDesk into QuickBooks Online.


Stay current with the revenue side of your business with over 20 built-in reports.


Quickly route all your work for the week or month. Assign new work near jobs you’ve already confirmed.


The scheduling process is as simple as 3 clicks. GorillaDesk’s scheduling process is very user-friendly.

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SMS Automation

SMS is simply more effective than email. Reduce your call volume & stay relevant.

Team Permissions

Give and remove access to various functions of GorillaDesk. You’re always in control.

Work Orders

When you need to communicate regarding the service but don’t want to include an invoice.
Our Champion

Stripe Integration

Get paid faster online with easy to use email payment links. GorillaDesk users rave about the ability to keep past due payments down and lower than ever before.

"I still cannot believe how easy this software is. I hired an employee last week and she was able to work in GorillaDesk by herself on the very first day."

Taveya Mitchell, Owner @ Capitol Pest Management

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