Field Service Reporting Software

Finally, a field service reporting software that will put your mind at ease, knowing that there won’t be any information slipping through the cracks.

A better way to report data

Our robust reporting capabilities will put your mind at ease, knowing that there won’t be any information slipping through the cracks. Recall any information within a given time with just a few clicks. All Reports can export to an Excel or .CSV file and can be printed at any time.



Access previous customer and Job details with ease.


Comply with Annual Material Usage audits with only a few clicks.


Communicate pertinent information with your customers and your team.


Keep track of accounts receivable.


Use our reports to set goals and crush milestones.


Over 20 purpose driven reports.

All Reports

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for? Our series of ‘All’ Reports will help you find the answers before they’re even questions in your mind. These will allow you to find all information for each area within a specific date range.

✓   All Invoices
✓   All Estimates
✓  All Documents
✓  All Payments
✓  All Credits

Field Service Reporting Software

Service and Customer Details

If you’ve ever had to dig through old paperwork looking for that ONE job detail then you’ll know that is certainly no way to spend your afternoon. Our series of Service/Customer reports will quickly provide those answers without that pesky filing cabinet getting in your way.

✓  Service Lookup
✓  New Customers
✓  Customers w/o Active jobs
✓  Locations w/o Active jobs
✓  System Email History
✓  Material Use

Service and Customer details - Pest Control Reporting Software

The end of the year is near, but have no fear; For your Material Use reporting will be crystal clear!

Material Use Report | GorillaDesk Field Service Management Software

Sales and Payments

Identify customers with an outstanding balance, view projected sales for that year, and much more with our series of Sales and Payments Reports.

Accounts Aging
Payments Collected
Total Sales
✓ Sales Forecast
Sales Tax Summary

Payment Received and Collected | GorillaDesk Field Service Features

Sales Report | GorillaDesk Pest Control Reporting Software



As your business gains traction, you will learn that revenue is not just a linear concept. We find that incoming revenue is circulated through multiple channels and we’re here to provide you with the information you need for each.

Understanding these channels of incoming revenue will help you set goals and crush milestones in no time!

Track the following:

Revenue by Client
Revenue by Service
Revenue by Item
Revenue by Staff
Revenue by Source
✓ Revenue by Tag

Revenue By Client Report | GorillaDesk Field Service Management Reporting Software




Leads and Ratings

Understanding your customer’s needs is a crucial part of every growing business. Service and Likely rating reports allow you to manage feedback provided by your customers in two consolidated reports. That 5 star rating is just around the corner!

Service Rating Report | Pest Control Reporting Feature

Take the next step in transforming inbound leads into long time customers.

Inbound Leads Report | Pest Control Reporting Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about Paperless Invoicing, we have answers.

How will I know if my customers are receiving my emailed communications?

Running a system email history report will provide the status for all emailed communications within a specified date range. These statuses will help you understand how you customer has interacted with that email. The statuses are:

✓ Sent
✓ Opened
✓ Clicked
✓ Bounced
✓ Failed
✓ Rejected

How will I know which customers still have outstanding balances on their account?

An Accounts Aging Report will show any outstanding Balances on your customer’s accounts over 30 day increments.

What if I want to know how many monthly services I have performed last month?

A service lookup report will provide you with extensive information across all services within a specified date range. You can filter this report by Service Type, Job Status, Technician, City, Zip and Tag to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Can I track material use information for my yearly audit?

Yes! Our material use report will provide you with detailed material information for each job within a specified date range.