Step 3: Settings

As you’re exploring your free trial, we’d love to see you configure your account settings ASAP! While this may appear insignificant on the surface, this simple task allows you to unlock the true power of GorillaDesk (the same way a tiny snowball becomes a massive avalanche). 

Part 1: Edit your company settings

During the free trial sign up process, we collect basic information about you and your company. Here however, is where you add the information you would like to appear on your invoices, estimates, and other important forms.

Part 2: Add users and control permissions

Your team is your most valuable asset. Learn how to create an account for each of your team members. Then, learn how to assign each a role, and manage their ability to see and edit information in your GorillaDesk account.

Part 3: Assign schedules

After adding a user, you can assign them to a schedule. Assigning a user to a schedule will make a calendar available for that user. Keep in mind that you can only assign jobs to users who are assigned a schedule.

Part 4: Add taxes and line items

Line items are simply the items that will appear on your customer’s invoice. You can assign a description, average cost, and up to two tax rates per item. This data will populate by default into your invoice template.

2hrs 1min.

Part 5: Adding your own materials (optional)

Your account already comes pre-populated with materials. However, you can also add, remove, and edit selections; allowing you to fully customize the options that will be available to you when adding materials to a job.

Part 6: Create service templates

Service templates make creating jobs as easy as 1-2-3. The more information that is filled in ahead of time, the more information that will come pre-loaded when you use a service template to create a job for a customer.

Part 7: Customize your paperwork templates

Bring your paperwork to life! GorillaDesk allows you to customize the appearance of your templates (invoices, estimates, and work orders) and choose which information you would like to show.

Part 8: Activating Stripe and/or Square (optional)

Tired of chasing customers down for money? GorillaDesk helps you collect deposits and final payments faster. Customers can pay you in the field or online with our Stripe and Square integrations.

Chat with Support

We’re excited to show you the new way of doing things with GorillaDesk. So if you’ve run into any trouble making GorillaDesk work for you during your trial, we definitely want to hear about it.

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