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Google Maps

Google Maps is a powerful web mapping service built by Google. Using Google Maps with GorillaDesk allows you to make smarter scheduling decisions, let customers know when you’re on the way, keep track of your team in the field, and get from Point A to Point B with best-in-class driving directions. 

The benefits of using Google Maps with GorillaDesk


Pick the right tech for each job

Receive an emergency call in a tech’s area? Great! But what if they’re in the middle of a job and not available for another hour? Choose from five different views to get a clear visual of each tech’s availability so you can add book jobs easily.


Dispatch optimized routes in seconds

Take the guesswork out of route planning. GorillaDesk helps you quickly build and customize your routes with only a few clicks. Real-life factors like job statuses, buffer times, your starting location, and more are all taken into consideration when creating your routes.


Let customers know when you're on the way

Use the GorillaDesk mobile app to send customers text messages letting them know when you’re on the way to their home, or if you’re running late. You can even include the exact time you are going to arrive and link to your current location.


Show up on time, every time

GorillaDesk’s traffic view helps your team avoid the number one thing that keeps them from being on time. From our mobile app, your team can view known traffic delays and quickly navigate their way around them so they never miss another ETA.


Know in real-time where your team is

Sometimes you really need to know where your team is. Our Google Maps integration makes it feel like you’re riding shotgun. Get a clear picture of your team’s whereabouts so you can solve problems and keep things running smoothly.

Transform your business

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“I can not say enough good things about GorillaDesk it saves us so much time and money. The customer service is the best. I would recommend GorillaDesk to anyone no matter what industry. I trained my employee in 5 minutes on how to use it. We will be customers for life.”

Ryan Sullivan

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