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Enhance your customer service with integrated VoIP solutions

GorillaDesk Staff

GorillaDesk VoIP Solution

.Customers expect a lot today. Outside of impeccable service, quick, efficient, and personalized interactions can make or break your customer roster — and your business reputation. From word of mouth to more repeat customers and an uptick of glowing reviews, these communications are everything. 

Without further ado, meet our new VoIP solution, integrated right into your GorillaDesk CRM. While the integration streamlines communications for smoother business operations, it’ll also make your overall customer experience more pleasant, easier, and more effective. What’s more is you’ll finally put an end to all the phone calls you receive on your personal line without missing a single beat. 

Wondering exactly what VoIP is? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows voice communication and multimedia sessions over the Internet instead of traditional phone lines. VoIP reduces communication costs, allows for more flexibility and mobility, makes scaling easier, and integrates smoothly with your other business apps.

Here’s how our integrated VoIP solution within GorillaDesk can revolutionize your customer service operations:

Seamless integration with GorillaDesk

Imagine your entire communication hub existing in one place. Our VoIP features are directly integrated within GorillaDesk on both your desktop and mobile app, which means you can make, log, and find all your calls right inside your CRM without having to switch back and forth between different applications (which, let’s be honest, can be enough to make you tear your hair out). By centralizing your communication tools, you can focus more on engaging with your customers and less on managing those old-fashioned, clunky systems.

Key features of our integrated VoIP phone system

Autodialer: Breeze through your follow-up call lists

Our integrated VoIP solution comes with an autodialer, allowing you to effortlessly initiate calls and progress through your call list with an automated dialing process. This feature eliminates the need for manual dialing, enabling you to connect with more leads and customers in less time. By automating the dialing process, you won’t miss potential contacts, and you can focus on what matters most — actually engaging with your customers. Without idle time between calls and repetitive tasks, your team will feel more fulfilled, productive, and empowered.

Auto-Dialer - GorillaDesk VoIP Solution

Auto Attendant: Route calls to the right person  … every time

A professional and efficient call management system is essential for enhancing customer satisfaction. Our auto attendant feature customizes your call-handling experience and personalizes your customer interactions. It ensures that calls are routed to the right person every time so you can always put your best foot forward. The professionalism will undoubtedly help you compete with larger enterprises and the feature will ultimately simplify communications for your team while enhancing your overall customer experience. 

Auto Attendant: Route calls to the right person

Call Recording: Save all your call history right inside your CRM

Capturing and analyzing customer interactions is crucial for continuous improvement — and our call recording feature saves all your call history directly within GorillaDesk, making it easy to access and review all past interactions, facilitating sales enablement and CSR training. By learning from previous calls, you can improve your customer service strategies and ensure that every customer interaction is as effective as possible.

Call Recording: Save all your call history right inside your CRM

Group Numbers: Enable your entire team to handle calls

Our ring group numbers feature allows multiple team members to assist in call handling to eradicate missed calls and provide the timely support your customers expect. The process is seamless and satisfying, ensuring your admin team can efficiently manage call volumes and deliver the excellent customer service your customers will buzz about.

Group Numbers: Enable your entire team to handle calls

Additional features to enhance customer service

Beyond the core features, our integrated VoIP system offers a range of additional functionalities to further enhance your customer service operations, including on-hold music, call transfers, and advanced options like listening, barging, or whispering during calls. These features contribute to a more professional and satisfying customer interaction experience.

So what are you waiting for? 

Integrating your VoIP phone system directly within GorillaDesk radically evolves how you manage customer communications. With features like Autodialer, Auto Attendant, Call Recording, and Group Numbers, you’ll vastly improve your operations and efficiency, and you’ll achieve a next-level customer experience overall. Bringing your entire communication hub into one place will ensure that every customer interaction is smooth, professional, and effective.

Upgrade to our integrated VoIP solution today to easily transform your customer service strategy or learn more about it here.

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