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Up your sales game with a robust pipeline solution

GorillaDesk Staff

GorillaDesk Growth Plan

Stop missing opportunities; power your sales team with our new Growth Plan, a smarter way to manage your process right inside GorillaDesk

We’re thrilled to introduce the Growth Plan, a more powerful and nimble way to manage your sales process right inside GorillaDesk. In today’s competitive market, every missed opportunity can mean a potential loss in revenue and leave your business vulnerable to competitors who are quick to seize the moment. 

Designed specifically for service businesses like yours, the Growth Plan empowers you to maximize on every opportunity, set your employees up for success with sales enablement and pipeline functionalities, streamline your follow-up process, and keep your sales team connected and confident with the right insights. Inaction can lead to stagnation; don’t let hesitation cost you valuable opportunities. As always, we’re committed to helping you grow. 

Let’s get into it:

Opportunity Pipeline: Turn leads into gold

The Opportunity Pipeline isn’t just about discovering opportunities; it’s about managing them effectively. We all love new leads. To help you take those new leads and turn them into customers, we’ve crafted a pipeline system that aligns with your unique workflow and business, from active leads to closed deals and beyond. 

The Opportunity Pipeline offers you all the stages a new lead may go through. The stages are broken up into active, won, and lost, but you can also create your own customized pipeline stages based on how you work and operate. You can then set an estimated close date, your confidence level in the possibility of closing the opportunity, its overall value, important contact information, and more. 

When your opportunities live at the account level in this way, you can track them more effectively.

Smart Views: Your team’s virtual sales assistant

You’ve organized your opportunities — but what’s the most important next step? Following up. It’s all about how well your team can execute on following up on all of these leads in order to move them through those pipeline stages and close deals. Each of your team members accesses their own Smart View in their own inbox. 

Think of Smart Views as the assistant who understands your business better than anyone else. Part of the beauty of Smart Views is you can work on your opportunity follow-ups and move them through stages right inside your GorillaDesk inbox. Sometimes we lose sight of the importance of staying in touch with the right potential and existing customers at the right moments —  but business success and growth hinges on mastering the art of the follow up. Smart Views are filtered, customizable and living list views to enable you and your team to execute against different criteria, according to field sets that’ll have the greatest impact on your business.  

Pipeline Reporting for visibility into how your sales stages are progressing

Embrace data-driven growth with integrated pipeline reports, moving beyond intuition to identify trends, bottlenecks and areas for your team to improve. You’ll gain clarity on your pipeline review to make smarter decisions, quicker, for more effective sales management.

After all, the impact of overlooking your business insights and vital leads in your pipeline could prove detrimental to your business success. Don’t let hesitation cost you.  If you’re ready to ignite your business growth, turn up the heat on your sales and convert more leads into active customers, master the follow-up process, analyze your sales funnel and promote team collaboration, the Growth Plan will help you unlock your organization’s full potential.

To upgrade to the Growth Plan, log in to the GorillaDesk app and go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Plans’ and choose the ‘Growth’ tier. 

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