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Power your business with GorillaDesk and grow your revenue.

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Improve business operations and keep customers happy.

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Your on-the-go solution to simplify workflows and impress customers.

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Tools and insights to manage your sales process end-to-end.

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Get Started with GorillaDesk

GorillaDesk is a simple scheduling tool for local service businesses, but there’s more to it than meets the eye! Before you watch your demo, start your 14-day FREE Trial. We’ll then show you how to organize your business, impress your clients, and connect your team with one tool.

Step 1 : Watch your demo

It’s time we talk about how GorillaDesk can rescue you from the old way of doing things. Our on-demand demo focuses on the jobs GorillaDesk will do for you, featuring best practices to help you work better. Ideal for those of you who like to see how it’s done, rather than read the manual.

Step 2 : Add / import your customers

The key to any successful business is good relationships with your customers. Here, we will show you how to create customers from scratch and import your existing customers into GorillaDesk. This will allow you to provide industry leading service to the people that matter most!

Blake Werthmann

Head of Customer Success

Blake is a software specialist with a background in the field-service industry, specifically Pool Care. Having a strong familiarity in both fields has allowed Blake to truly understand and serve our customers on a deeper level.