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Google My Business

The truth is, your company is in a fight for survival against competitors appearing ahead of you and more often than you in Google’s search results. Google’s search engine results page (SERP) is where MANY prospects begin their search and eventually choose a local service provider to do business with. Our Google My Business integration helps you automate the review generation process, so your business rises to the top of the Map Pack. In turn, you will receive more website traffic and leads (phone calls).

The benefits of integrating Google My Business with GorillaDesk


Automate the review generation process

The problem most companies face is asking busy customers for feedback. After you complete a job, GorillaDesk automatically asks your customers to leave you a review and redirects them to your Google My Business listing to spread the word.


Collect reviews at an accelerated pace

With GorillaDesk, your customers can rate their last service and/or choose how likely they are to recommend your business from the Customer Portal. This allows you to generate even more reviews than your competitors and market your business online at a very low cost.


Understand how your team is performing

Service Ratings allow your customers to rate their last service easily. The Service Ratings Report provides a breakdown of each rating by technician. You can use this report to incentivize your team, and as a result, provide industry-leading customer service over the long haul.


Improve your Net Promoter Score

The Likely Rating asks customers how likely they are to refer your business to a colleague or friend. This survey should be sent out every quarter or so and helps you calculate your Net Promoter Score. Once you know this number, you can work on improving it over time.

Frequently asked questions about our Google My Business integration

Why are Google My Business reviews so important?

Google My Business reviews are essential for local service businesses because customers trust them. Studies show that 92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision. And, while all review sites are important, Google My Business reviews are particularly important because they increase your ranking on the most popular search engine.

Which review signals lead to a better ranking?

Believe it or not, your rating (number of stars) isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to ranking on Google. The most important signals are review quantity (how many positive reviews you have), review velocity (the rate at which you receive new reviews), and review diversity (how detailed and specific people are). GorillaDesk helps you improve all three.

Do I need a website to generate reviews?

No, you do NOT need a website to use our review generation software. You can embed the Likely Rating and Service Rating shortcodes directly into your emails. And, your customers can access the Likely Rating and Service Rating through your Customer Portal. Once you sign up for the Pro Plan, there’s nothing holding you back from generating positive reviews!

How do I start generating Google My Business reviews?

We’re here to make your life easy and help you increase the number of positive reviews you receive on Google My Business. Our review generation software allows you to (1) collect more reviews, (2) track which of your employees are performing best, (3) engage with your customers based on their NPS Score, and (4) dominate your competition online.

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