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Our featured course, Getting Started with GorillaDesk, focuses on training, tutorials, and tips for using your GorillaDesk account more effectively. Begin your training to learn how to grow your business, organize your operations, and so much more.

Field Service Software for Pest Control

Pest Control Marketing: Make Your Phone Ring

Whether your pest control business has existed for years, or just recently started up, finding the most effective marketing strategies is critical.

How to Start a Lawn Care Business in 2020

Starting a lawn care company is hard work, but you don’t need a whole lot to get going. This step-by-step action plan will help you take your first few steps.

7 Systems That Will Define Serve Businesses

Whether your number one struggle is finding good people, getting more customers, or something in between, these seven systems can help.

Field Service Software for Pest Control

GorillaDesk Training

This is where you’ll find all the tools you need to become a GorillaDesk pro. In each module, you’ll find video walkthroughs plus links to supporting articles in our Help Center.

Pirate Metrics

We know how confusing, frustrating, and intimidating marketing can be. In this course, you’ll find the best metrics and channels for each stage of the Pirate Metrics framework.

Map Pack Domination

Your company is in a fight for survival against competitors appearing ahead of you and more often than you on Google. In this course, you’ll learn how to increase your Map Pack ranking.

The Small Business Blueprint

In this guide, you’ll learn how to find new customers and grow your field-service company online the right way.

The Email Marketing Money Machine

Learn how to leverage promotional and transactional emails to increase sales and encourage repeat bookings.

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It’s time we talk about how GorillaDesk can rescue you from the old way of doing things. Our demo focuses on the jobs GorillaDesk will do for you, featuring best practices to help you work better. Ideal for those who like to see how it’s done, rather than read the manual.

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