Meet the GorillaDesk Team

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Blake Werthmann-Customer Success Manager-GorillaDesk

Customer Success

Dyann Martinez

Dyann handles onboarding new customers and introduces them to the time saving options GorillaDesk provides. If you need help getting started with GorillaDesk reach Dyann below.

Dyann’s Favorites

Blake Werthmann-Customer Success Manager-GorillaDesk
Cath Lua-Head og tech support- GorillaDesk

Product Owner

Catherine Lua

Catherine has the most knowledge when it comes to GorillaDesk and all the functionality. She’s the quietest yet smartest in the room when it comes to product. 

Cath’s Favorites

Cath Lua-Head og tech support- GorillaDesk
Thuong Dinh-Head of Development- GorillaDesk


Thuong Dinh

As one of the original founding team members, Thuong has led the effort to scale GorillaDesk to the platform it is today. He leads multiple product teams through the development process.

Thuong’s Favorites

Egor Tkachenko-Lead Designer-GorillaDesk

Interface Design

Egor Tkachenko

As GorillaDesk’s lead interface designer, Egor focuses on delivering the best user experience possible across all GorillaDesk features, hardware platforms & product lines.

Egor’s Favorites

Jeff Washburn-2D Illustrator-GorillaDesk

2D Illustration

Jeff Washburn

Jeff helps bring our gorilla mascot to life through his amazing illustrations. He studied 2d Illustration at SCAD Savannah College of Art and Design. 

Jeff’s Favorites

Jeff Washburn-2D Illustrator-GorillaDesk
Rebecca Moreschi - Product Analyst, GorillaDesk

Marketing Specialist

Rebecca Moreschi

Rebecca helps our companies grow faster with marketing services and solutions. When she’s not coming up with new recipes, you’ll find her in the gym pumping iron.

Rebecca’s Favorites

Rebecca Moreschi - Product Analyst, GorillaDesk

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Official Mascot- GorillaDesk

Official Mascot

The Gorilla

GorillaDesk gets its name based on the desire to build a powerful yet simple all-in-one management system. 

Gorilla’s Favorites

Chris Moreschi - Founder, GorillaDesk

Founder & CEO

Christopher Moreschi

Chris started GorillaDesk in 2013. Working as a field technician and then taking over the family service business, he wanted to create a simplified software to manage & automate the family business.

Chris’ Favorites

Chris Moreschi - Founder, GorillaDesk