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Case Study

How Next Generation Pest Control cut down on admin costs and human errors 

Learn how this Manteca, CA, based pest control company used tech to streamline the invoicing process and cut down daily manual paperwork.

Started in 2017, Next Generation Pest Control is a family and veteran-owned and operated company in Manteca, CA.

When Mitch, along with his partner Stephen Tahija, started the company, he immediately knew that they needed software to keep track of his customers to help his team offer fantastic customer service and help with scheduling.

Why did Mitch start his hunt for pest control software?

From his days of working with one the largest pest control companies in the United States, Mitch learned that eliminating the tasks that didn’t add value to the customer would help in improving the customer experience. 

It would also allow him and his team to do pest control the way it ought to be done. Spend plenty of time on building real relationships with customers than in redundant paperwork or time-consuming tasks that accomplish nothing.

He believed that if he started a company that does all the little things the right way, it could have more impact on his business. Customers would start to take notice.

“Before we started with any pest control software, we were using QuickBooks to make credit card payments, send invoices, keep track of revenue, and everything else. Administrative duties were clunky and inefficient and the experience for our customers was not what we wanted.” — Mitchell Colvin

In the beginning, even when there were not many customers, the team was still devoting a decent amount of time getting the paperwork done. He knew that as the business scaled, their problems and inefficiencies would also scale.

“We knew we had to make a change. We considered using software we have used in the past with other companies. Although those did what needed to be done, they seemed antiquated and outdated. I took this time to survey the market and see if there was a company that was as forward-thinking as us. That’s when we found GorillaDesk!” said Mitch.

Mitch chose GorillaDesk because…

  1.  A lot of people he knew personally mentioned GorillaDesk. So, it’s been on his radar since day one.
  2. The product is simple and intuitive.
  3. The team behind the software is passionate about the continuous development and improvement of the solution.

What’s the secret to Mitch’s success?

Mitch says the biggest benefit to him and his team is the various automated functions. Automatic email and text reminders, follow up emails asking for reviews, late payment reminders, and invoicing, he saw immediate value in GorillaDesk.

GorillaDesk has helped Mitch cut down dramatically on secretary costs and human error. Not just this, it also makes his company look professional and provides a huge value-add for his team.

Today, Mitch has grown Next Generation pest Control to:

  • Almost 2400 active customers
  • Over $700k in annual revenue

Going above and beyond Pest Control software

Mitch was already impressed with how efficiently GorillaDesk is able to streamline their invoicing process.

It freed up more time and allowed him and his team to run more efficiently in the field while spending less time digging through papers in the office.

However, what impressed him the most is all the other things he can accomplish with GorillaDesk. Mitch’s favorite features to date include: 

A) Customer reviews automation:

Customer reviews are one of the best and economical ways to attract new customers. Mitch knew how important reviews are for the growth of Next Generation Pest Control.

However, manually asking for reviews is such a pain and not scalable. So, when Mitch saw the option to automate it with GorillaDesk, he immediately jumped to it.

GorillaDesk makes it easy to request reviews every time Mitch or his team member completes a job. It sends customers to top review sites to share their feedback.

The result.

Next Generation Pest Control has accumulated almost 160 five-star reviews on its Google My Business profile.

B) Automated late payment reminders

Mitch and his team love how they don’t have to waste time manually sending late payment reminders or chasing people down for money. With GorillaDesk, he has automated the entire process in just a few clicks.

Now, the team doesn’t need to worry about any recurring invoices slipping through the cracks.

C) Automated email and text reminders

Customer no-shows and broken customer communication were some of the issues Mitch and the team were dealing with when growing.

With GorillaDesk, it’s easy to communicate with customers before, during, and after the job. They now send timely reminders about upcoming appointments, let them know when a technician is on the way, and follow-up when the work is done.

The result.

The team is avoiding last-minute cancellations and completing more jobs. 

 Suggestions for fellow pest control business owners

To manage and communicate with the thousands of customers using their pest control services, Next Generation relies on GorillaDesk.

By using a combination of review engine, email & SMS, and invoicing, Next Generation Pest Control has been able to scale their growth while maintaining a personal relationship with their customers.

He went on to add:

“The product speaks for itself. Just take a free demo to speak with the staff and go over some features. It won’t take long before you realize how beautifully streamlined your company can become overnight.”

Next Generation Pest Control’s favorite features

Review Engine

GorillaDesk makes it easy to request reviews after you’ve completed a job and send customers to top review sites to share their feedback.

Email & SMS

Remind customers about upcoming appointments, let them know when you’re on the way, and follow-up when the work is done.


Instead of manually creating invoices or chasing customers down for money, you can automate your entire billing process with GorillaDesk. 

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We will be customers for life

“I can not say enough good things about GorillaDesk it saves us so much time and money. The customer service is the best. I would recommend GorillaDesk to anyone no matter what industry. I trained my employee in 5 minutes on how to use it. We will be customers for life.”

Ryan Sullivan

Business Owner