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Run a Landscaping Company?

Let’s Organize Your Business
Finally, now you can organize your business, impress your clients, and connect your team without breaking a sweat. With free training and simple setup, running a smarter, more efficient landscaping company is easy!

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

GorillaDesk keeps track of your team, jobs and everything else you need to keep your Landscaping company organized and your customers happy. In fact, GorillaDesk’s Landscaping software has helped thousands of field-service professionals just like you become more profitable and efficient, without all the headaches.

Save Time Invoicing

GorillaDesk customers spend less time on paperwork, sometimes over 20 hours per month. What would you do with all that extra time?

Get Paid Faster

Just a click of a button sends an invoice to your client who can pay immediately online. Start sending late payment reminders auto-magically.

Grow Your Business

GorillaDesk makes you more efficient. Our customers say GorillaDesk helps them grow at a rate they could not achieve before.

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Schedule Faster. Waaay Faster.


GorillaDesk makes it easy to create a job, choose a client, and assign it to your team with only three clicks. You even have the option to schedule jobs as one-off visits or recurring contracts.

Sort your jobs by status—such as unconfirmed, confirmed, reschedule, complete, or canceled—making it super simple to organize each and every job in your schedule.

Or add notes and attachments, so that you don’t let any important tasks or details slip through the cracks.

A Better Way

Device Tracking

If you want to drive more commercial and facility management business, you’ll need proper reporting and tracking on your side. Device Tracking is the tool you need to confidently go out and win big business. Cha-ching!

Start by attaching a barcode to any traps, devices or equipment you’d like to track on the job site. The GorillaDesk mobile app can scan these barcodes in the field, allowing you to easily record any activity or findings.

You can then send detailed device reports along with your work orders to meet state requirements, arming facility managers with the data they need to operate within compliance.

Easily Track, Store, and Report

Material Tracking

Many states require that chemical and material usage be tracked, stored, and reported. Well, GorillaDesk has your back.

Our software makes it super simple to capture this information within a job, client, or property file, and when it’s time to report your usage, you can download your company’s entire chemical application history with one click.

No more searching and scrambling. GorillaDesk makes chemical tracking is easy to do, so you have the information you need right at your fingertips.

Everywhere You Are

Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Staying connected with your team in the field is easy when you put the power of GorillaDesk in their pocket.

The GorillaDesk app, available in the App Store and on Google Play, allows your technicians to check their most up to date schedule review job details, such as custom documents or checklists, and create an invoice or accept a payment in the field

It also allows you to keep track of your team’s whereabouts and adjust the rest of their day’s jobs accordingly,

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More Features We Know You’ll Love

With mobile apps, powerful scheduling, material and device tracking, and so much more, GorillaDesk is the easiest way to run your Landscaping business.

Device Tracking

Scan, update, and track your devices in the field. Work with facilities requiring device tracking.

GPS Tracking

See your team’s location on the map in real time. GorillaDesk track and stores actual routes while using the app.


Getting paid is easy and fast. Email or print invoices and allow customers to pay online.

Material Tracking

Easily track, store, and report on chemical and material usage. Meet state compliance.

Mobile App (iOS & Android)

The mobile app is designed for field use. Have the power of GorillaDesk in your pocket.


Stay current with the revenue side of your business with over 20 built-in reports.


Quickly route all your work for the week or month. Assign new work near jobs you’ve already confirmed.


The scheduling process is as simple as 3 clicks. GorillaDesk’s scheduling process is very user-friendly.

"I still cannot believe how easy this software is. I hired an employee last week and she was able to work in GorillaDesk by herself on the very first day."

Taveya Mitchell, Owner @ Capitol Pest Management