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Scheduling and Dispatching Software for Pest Control

Never miss another pest control appointment again. With our scheduling and dispatching software, you can create a job, select a customer, and assign it to your team without breaking a sweat.

Keep Your Scheduling On Track

Running a Pest Control business means dispatching team members, managing daily operations, scheduling appointments, and sending out invoices… It’s possible to see a time savings in your scheduling processes of 9-10 hours saved per week.

Save Time Scheduling

GorillaDesk scheduling system handles one time and recurring services with ease. Start saving 9.26 hours per week on average with scheduling.

Simplify Scheduling Processes

GorillaDesk’s visual calendar scheduler comes with integrating mapping and simple route optimization. GorillaDesk is the easy way to schedule and dispatch.

Grow Your Business

GorillaDesk makes you more efficient. Our customers say GorillaDesk helps them grow at a rate they could not achieve before.

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The easy way to schedule.


GorillaDesk makes it easy to schedule a job, choose a client, and assign it to your team with only three clicks. You even have the option to schedule jobs as one-off or recurring appointments.

Sort your jobs by status—such as unconfirmed, confirmed, reschedule, complete, or canceled—making it super simple to organize each and every job in your schedule.

Route Auto-Suggest

Route Optimization

You’ll be able to route the easy way. GorillaDesk’s route optimizer will reroute jobs based on proximity at the click of a button. You can optimize an unlimited amount of jobs within a 1-month window on GorillaDesk’s Pro Plan.

When using the route optimizer you’ll be able to apply a set of filters for which jobs GorillaDesk should reroute. Within seconds GorillaDesk will auto-suggest a better route based on proximity. After applying your changes you’ll be able to see your new routes on a visual map.

Map Your Schedules

Visual Mapping

GorillaDesk makes it easy to see your upcoming jobs on a map. The mapping feature works right alongside your schedule. These features feel familiar and are quite easy to train new employees to use. Won’t it be great when you can use your scheduling and mapping tools in 1 program?

It’s easy to search new customer addresses on your map. This allows you to quickly see where new customers fit among the work you already have scheduled.

There are 4 scheduling map types available to you: Bright Streets, Streets, Satellite, Dark Mode

Robust Scheduling

Recurring Job Scheduling

You need recurring scheduling options and we’ve got ’em. Easily build jobs to land on any frequency you can dream up. GorillaDesk generates future jobs for you automatically. When your GorillaDesk system is setup your schedule will become easy to handle. Start saving 9 to 10 hours per week on average.

Have a unique business model? Give GorillaDesk’s scheduler a try.

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More Features We Know You’ll Love

With mobile apps, powerful scheduling, material and device tracking, and so much more, GorillaDesk is the easiest way to run your Pest Control business.

Device Tracking

Scan, update, and track your devices in the field. Work with facilities requiring device tracking.

GPS Tracking

See your team’s location on the map in real time. GorillaDesk track and stores actual routes while using the app.


Getting paid is easy and fast. Email or print invoices and allow customers to pay online.

Material Tracking

Easily track, store, and report on chemical and pesticide usage. Meet state compliance.

Mobile App (iOS & Android)

The mobile app is designed for field use. Have the power of GorillaDesk in your pocket.


Stay current with the revenue side of your business with over 20 built-in reports.


Quickly route all your work for the week or month. Assign new work near jobs you’ve already confirmed.


The scheduling process is as simple as 3 clicks. GorillaDesk’s scheduling process is very user-friendly.

"I still cannot believe how easy this software is. I hired an employee last week and she was able to work in GorillaDesk by herself on the very first day."

Taveya Mitchell, Owner @ Capitol Pest Management