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What is pest control software?

GorillaDesk Staff

What is a pest control software

If you’re a pest control pro and you’re still using spreadsheets or a whiteboard to run your business, you probably already know you spend too much time doing “work” that isn’t work. Your potential customers are left waiting with mice, roaches, and ants while you struggle with Google Calendar, paper notebooks, and endlessly rewriting the same things in emails, notes, and invoices.

You may have even decided to try pest control software a time or two, but you’re not sure exactly what it does or how it could help. In a nutshell (or a duster bulb) about 60% of the “work” in a manually operated pest control business is for tasks your customers won’t pay for. Pest control business software eradicates the busy work — so you can do more of what you do best — eliminating pests.

Pest Control Scheduling Software

What is pest control software?

Pest control software significantly improves the efficiency of your scheduling, routing, and invoicing. The best pest control business software includes features for sales and customer relationship management (CRM), messaging, compliance, device tracking, and templated communications.

What does pest control software do?

Beyond scheduling, routing, and invoicing, pest control software tackles all the “busywork” in your workflows. This saves time for your admin, sales team, and field service pros by optimizing your:

  • Scheduling: When a customer calls, pest control software can put them in the system and slot their first appointment into your calendar. Then all your team members can see it clearly in the calendar and on the map, plus all the details supporting it.
  • Routing: Your field service technicians will see the fastest route (around traffic jams) to their next stop. They’ll spend more time killing bedbugs and mosquitoes, and no time figuring out how to get from place to place.
  • Invoicing: Instead of manually creating invoicing or chasing late payments, pest control software automates your billing process (including reminders for forgetful customers).
  • Sales: Some pest control software tools include a sales CRM to catalog your customer history, notes, and locations. A few even add a customer portal for improved relationships.
  • Messaging: Your field service techs shouldn’t have to give their personal phone numbers to customers. The best pest control software supplies dedicated business lines, with messaging, email, and phone numbers, and even automated messaging.
  • Compliance: Material use reports can be a bear, but pest control software makes short work of it with simple forms to help you meet state compliance requirements. From NPMA-33 to maintenance agreements, the right software makes it easier to meet requirements without spending hours filling out forms.
  • Reporting: It’s handy to be able to see all your past due invoices at a glance, or a sales forecast, or the services you’ve performed for different customers. Pest control business software can deliver deep insights about your company with a click or two.
  • Device tracking: Bait stations can tell you a lot about pest activity, but only if you track them. Some pest control platforms support device tracking and reporting, helping to chart your progress and offering deep insights.

GorillaDesk Pest Control Software

How does pest control software help your business?

Pest control software lets you scale your business by taking away all the time-consuming toil, keeping them from tangling up your workflows. With your scheduling, routing, invoicing, and reporting optimized, you can serve more customers, do more work, and earn more revenue.

Why we think GorillaDesk is the best pest control software

Our CEO, Chris Moreschi, grew up in the pest control industry, worked in his father’s pest control business during college, and ran his own pest control company for seven years. He founded GorillaDesk to be the best software tool for pest control and works tirelessly with the team to improve it in every way, listening to customer feedback and adding features.

Here are the ways GorillaDesk shines.

GorillaDesk Pest Control Software Reviews

Review scores ✔

You won’t find another pest control software platform with higher review scores than GorillaDesk. Check us on Capterra, G2, Software Advice, and Getapp, and you’ll see sky-high review scores from 4.8 to 5 stars. The reason is simple: GorillaDesk is super easy to use, offers jaw-dropping customer support, and supports your team with every feature you could think of.

Action Pest Management on GorillaDesk Customer Service

Customer support ✔

Don’t take our word for this, but our customer support team is well-known in the industry. See for yourself by reading our reviews online or doing a Google search for “GorillaDesk reviews on Reddit.” Most support chats are answered by a helpful, friendly, knowledgeable live agent in three minutes.

Chrysalis Pest Management on GorillaDesk Ease of Use

Ease of use ✔

GorillaDesk is legendary for its short learning curve, with 60% of new users never needing to contact us during onboarding. Every feature is intuitive, easy to find in the platform, and quick to learn and use.

We come from the pest control industry ✔

While there are other pest control scheduling software tools out there, none of them are designed and constantly updated by pest control professionals who understand the business. Our industry has unique workflows and demands, and GorillaDesk caters to them with the zeal of an insider.

Different Pest Control Software Features

More features ✔

  • More templates: When your field service pros, admin, and sales team are writing notes, reports, emails, and SMS messages, GorillaDesk will save them hours every week with a robust templating feature to keep them from wasting time saying the same thing in different situations.
  • Smart Views: See your active jobs, inactive customers, follow-ups, and sales opportunities with one tap. Or see all your SMS, calls, jobs, estimates — you can create your own quick Smart Views and even set up automatic calls or bulk emails to every customer in the Smart View window.
  • Drag-and-drop rescheduling: If you get rained out or if someone calls in sick, just draw a circle around a day or time slot in your calendar and drag and drop all its appointments to another day. Rescheduling has never been so easy.
  • Easier compliance: Whatever your compliance needs, GorillaDesk has a massive library of 150+ documents to support them. You can also easily upload your own docs too. Our team will adapt them to the system — free of charge.
  • QuickBooks sync: You can sync your business with QuickBooks on our platform, making tax time and financial tracking soooo much easier.
  • VoIP: GorillaDesk uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for improved reliability, better call quality, integrated email, instant messaging, and automatic call recording.
  • More integrations: GorillaDesk easily integrates with Square, Stripe, Google Calendar, Google My Business, Zapier, and several other common apps. 

Easy Onboarding with GorillaDesk Pest Control Software

Easy onboarding ✔

Did we already mention that 60% of new users never call to ask for help? We also offer training materials and free live trainings to all new users, and we can usually schedule one within five days. Compare this to the months it takes to book a training with our top competition.

Scalability ✔

We’ve added features to make it easy for pest control pros to add more services, like bin cleaning, tree service, pool service, snow plowing, or lawn care. Wherever your business takes you, you’ll find features to support you as you grow.

GorillaDesk Pest Control Pricing

Pricing ✔

GorillaDesk’s pricing is among the lowest in the industry, with our basic plan offering unlimited admin users, mobile devices, and support. Compare this to the competition, with their basic plan limited to just one user.

GorillaDesk: The best pest control software on the market

We earned our sky-high 4.9-star G2 review scores because we’re not corporate developers, far from the front line. GorillaDesk was created by former field service pros who were in search of a way to make our work go better. Interested? See more at GorillaDesk. Because your field service software shouldn’t be another pest.

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