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How to access your Leads

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to keep track of your leads and increasing your closing rate using the Leads Table.


Leads Table

To access the Leads Table, hover over the GorillaDesk label and click the Leads link.

The columns available to you in the Leads Tables are:

  • Full Name: The first and last name of the lead.
  • Type: The lead’s type. The options are Online Quote, Phone Call, and GMB Phone Call.
  • Action: The actions associated with a lead’s type.
    • For Online Quote leads, the actions are Complete and Incomplete.
    • For Phone Call leads, the actions are Answered, Missed, Voicemail, and Abandoned.
  • Phone: The primary phone number for the lead.
  • Email: The primary email address for the lead.
  • Value: How much the lead is worth.
    • By default, phone call leads are worth $130 so if you’d like to change this value to another number (lowest, average, etc.), please submit a ticket to our support team.
  • Status: Where the lead stands in your pipeline.
  • Channel: Where the lead came from.
  • Date: When the lead completed the instant price form or called a tracking number.

You have the option to filter your Leads List by Date, Lead Type, Action, Status, and Channel.

  • To filter the Leads Table, select one or more options from the dropdown, then click Filter.

Contact View

To view a Contact, hover over the lead and click their Full Name link.

Here you’ll see the Lead Alert email you received and Confirmation email the lead received.

You’ll also be able to view all of the lead’s service and contact information at a glance.

You even have the option to change their status after you contact them. The statuses are:

  • New Lead
  • Existing Lead
  • Active Opportunity
  • New Customer
  • Archived

Recommendation: use this feature to keep track of leads in your sales pipeline!

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