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Website Traffic Growth

Website Traffic Growth refers to the increase or decrease in visitors to your website, usually measured month-over-month OR year-over-year.

How to calculate your Website Traffic Growth:

Monthly Growth Rate:

[ (#) new users from current month – (#) new users from previous month ] / # new users from previous month X 100 = (%) Monthly Growth Rate

Yearly Growth Rate:

([ (#) new users from current year – (#) new users from previous year ] / # new users from previous year X 100 = (%) Yearly Growth Rate

The easiest way to calculate Website Traffic Growth is by subtracting the number of new users last month (or year) from the number of new years this month (or year). Then divide the result by the number of new users last month (or year) and multiply that outcome by 100 to convert the number into a percentage. That’s your Website Traffic Growth rate.

What we like about Website Traffic Growth:

Website Traffic Growth is one of the most important metrics for business owners, or those in charge of marketing for a local service business, to track. Increasing this number gives increases the number of leads and paying customers you will acquire.

Website Traffic Grow is also a good indicator of how your top-of-the-funnel marketing activities (i.e. search engine marketing, social and display ads, etc) are performing. Sure, there are other metrics related to your website (sessions, pageviews, bounce rate, etc.), but this particular metric helps you quickly understand your website traffic and how it’s growing.

What we DON’T like about Website Traffic Growth:

If you only track Website Traffic Growth, you might be misled if your conversion rate drops. For example, if your website traffic slowly increases, but the number of leads you receive stays the same, then you might be attracting the wrong type of person to your website. A good way to counterbalance this is to track Website Traffic Growth and Conversion Rate simultaneously. While you focus your efforts on increasing one, you keep an eye on the other. Doing so will give you a better understanding of your campaign’s performance.

The same is true for paying customers. You see, Website Traffic Growth is usually the result of performing marketing activities in the Awareness stage. But an increase in Website Traffic Growth doesn’t guarantee your revenue will increase as well. So if your website traffic is increasing, but your revenue stays the same, then Website Traffic Growth is nothing more than a vanity metric. Increasing it feels good but doesn’t impact your bottom line.

Marketing metrics related to Website Traffic Growth:

Before you select Website Traffic Growth as your One Metric That Matters (OMTM), be sure to check out these related marketing metrics and KPIs for context.

Branded Search Traffic
Social Media Mentions
Conversion Rate

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