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Social Media Mentions

Social Media Mentions refers to the number of times your brand has been mentioned on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How to track your Social Media Mentions:

Social Media Mentions are calculated by looking at the number of mentions your brand has received on social media networks over a given period (weekly, monthly, or quarterly). Social Media Mentions give you a good idea of how your brand is perceived online. It also allows you to plan a smarter, more efficient social media strategy. To measure Social Media Mentions, you can use social media monitoring tools like or HootSuite.

What we like about Social Media Mentions:

Social Media Mentions is one way to measure whether or not your social media marketing campaigns are impacting your overall brand awareness. The more people that mention your company’s name, the higher the awareness of your brand there is. This is called Brand Recall

What we DON’T like about Social Media Mentions:

People who mention your brand on social media may not have a small or irrelevant following, which means those mentions have less of an impact on brand awareness. A solution to this may be to only measure social media mentions from well-known or influential people in your service area, as opposed to the general public.

Another downside of tracking social media mentions is it’s tough to do if your company name uses a popular term. For example, if your company is called “Miami Pest Control,” there’s a good chance the people who mentioned it on social media weren’t referring to your brand. Luckily some of the tools we shared allow you to filter out specific keywords. So if your company’s name includes your city, it may be wise to filter out “company,” “services,” and “near me.”

Marketing metrics related to Social Media Mentions:

Before you select Social Media Mentions as your One Metric That Matters (OMTM), be sure to check out these related marketing metrics and KPIs for context.

Branded Search Traffic
Website Traffic Growth
Conversion Rate

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