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Module 4: Revenue 

The revenue stage is where a lead finally becomes a paying customer.

The Revenue Stage Explained

Get a quick explanation of what the Revenue stage is, which metrics are worth tracking, and how you can best move the needle.

Closing Rate

Closing Rate refers to the percentage of sales qualified leads that become paying customers. By monitoring your Closing Rate, you are able to improve your sales cycle.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Customer Acquisition Cost refers to how much you pay to gain a single customer. This includes your marketing and sales costs, so any salaries and expenses associated with attracting traffic, converting leads, and closing sales are factored into the equation.

Average Purchase Value

Average Purchase Value refers to the average dollar amount spent on your services. This metric can either be calculated based on the overall value of the contract or it’s annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly value. The option you choose to calculate your Average Purchase Value ultimately depends on your business model and the average length of a contract.

Learn How to Set SMART Goals

Setting SMART goals helps you clarify your ideas, focus your energy, and use your resources wisely. To help you get started, we’ve created a FREE template with all the tools you need to set (and achieve) your most important marketing goals.

Run Your First Marketing Experiment

In order to figure out which marketing channel will work for your business, you need to run experiments early and often. So we created FREE Test and Learn Cards with instructions so you can get started today. Now, running marketing experiments is easy!

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