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The Email Marketing Money Machine

How to leverage promotional and transactional emails to increase sales and encourage repeat bookings.

10 Chapters

1. Introduction to Email Marketing

What is email marketing and how can you put it to work for your small business? Learn the basics and how you can get started with email marketing today.

2. Why Email Marketing Is The Key

Uncover the benefits of email marketing and WHY your small business needs to take advantage of this powerful marketing channel.

3. Establish Your Email Marketing Goals

Establishing your email marketing goals will dictate the type of campaigns you send, who you target, the content you include, and how you measure success.

4. How To Grow Your Email List

Growing your email list is an essential part of any small business. Discover the two most effective ways to build your email list.

5. Using Segmentation To Increase Engagement

Targeted email marketing, often referred to as email segmentation, allows your small business to send relevant offers and content to unique segments in your email list.

6. The Anatomy Of A Perfect Email

Billions of emails are sent every day, so it’s important your emails stand out from the crowd. Learn the five key elements all good emails have.

7. The Power Of Promotional Emails

Take a look at the various types of promotional campaigns and marketing emails, and discover how they can convert subscribers on your email list into paying customers.

8. Winning With Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are automated, real-time messages sent to users after a specific action has taken place on your website. Learn how to leverage these emails to your advantage.

9. Measuring Your Results

Email marketing and website analytics tools give you a high-level overview of how your subscribers are interacting with your campaigns and allow you to compare the success of one campaign to another. 

10. Final Thoughts

Email marketing gives your small business a low-cost, high-reward solution to grow your business. So use the advice in this guide to start collecting emails and building relationships today.

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