Part 1: Customize your email templates

When you send out a good-looking email, you tell your clients that your work will look even better. Learn how to customize the email templates for your invoices, work orders, estimates, statements, and receipts.


The Email & SMS tab will allow you to customize your email templates for sending various paperwork. To access the Email & SMS tab, click on ‘Settings’ then ‘Email & SMS’.

You will have the ability to customize email templates for the following paperwork:

  • Invoice
  • Work Order
  • Estimate
  • Receipt 
  • Statement

These templates will determine what information is displayed in those emails.

NOTE: Each email will also contain a downloadable PDF of their paperwork

For example, however you arrange your ‘Invoice’ template, is exactly how it will appear to your customers once you send them an invoice by email. That email will also include a downloadable PDF of their invoice.

The ‘Preview’ option will also allow you to see your email from the customer’s perspective before actually sending it. 

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