Part 3: Completing jobs (desktop)

Once you’ve created your jobs, all that’s left to do is to put your GorillaDesk knowledge to use. Learn how to check in, view important job details, create work orders, and so much more from the desktop version of GorillaDesk. 

This video will highlight your basic workflow on the desktop version of GorillaDesk.

Once you’ve created your jobs, all that’s left is to put your GorillaDesk knowledge to use. 

You can open a job from your calendar by:

  • Double clicking on the job tile
  • Clicking the job tile and selecting ‘Open Job’ to the right

Once you’ve opened your job, you’ll land on your job details tab, displaying:

  • Customer information
  • Job information
  • Work Order
  • Notes (Top note and Job note)

We recommend checking into your job, then checking the top note for any specific instructions.

  • The top note is an internal note (not client facing) that will appear at the top of all jobs for that customer. For example, a gate code or any specific instructions

Below that, you can add job notes as well.

  • A job note is also an internal note (not client facing), but unlike the top note, it is specific to that job only
  • You can add images and attachments to your job notes

Moving over to your materials tab will allow you to see your materials that you’ve pre-defined in your service template. On this tab you can:

  • Edit existing materials
  • Add new Materials 
  • Remove materials

You can navigate back over to the ‘Job Details’ tab where you can access your work order and check out of your job. Work orders are a great way to communicate pertinent job information with your customers without any price/cost associated. 

  • Clicking (…) will allow you to add notes that are visible to the client and take a signature
  • You can also send your work order by email, View a PDF of your work order and print your work order.

When a job is finished, it is important to always change your job status to ‘Complete’ which will unlock the next recurring job.

If your job has an invoice attached, you will need to send the invoice by email or manually mark the invoice as ‘Sent’ in order to take that invoice out of ‘Draft’ status.

  • A balance will not be added to the customer’s account until the invoice is in ‘Sent’ status
  • Manually marking it as ‘Sent’ does not actually send it to the customer, but rather manually adds that invoice’s balance to their account.

Once your invoice is out of ‘Draft’ status, you are ready to add a payment. You will then have the ability to pay the full balance or enter a partial payment,

  • Choose your payment method
  • Click ‘Add Payment’

Once an invoice has been paid, you can navigate back to the ‘invoice’ tab to view your receipt. You can:

  • View PDF
  • Print receipt
  • Send your receipt by email

Once you’ve completed all of the steps above, you’ll have a much stronger understanding of the workflow on the desktop version of GorillaDesk. Now, the last piece to the puzzle is understanding the workflow on the mobile app…

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