Part 5: Technician checklist

We’ve created this checklist to help you (or your technicians) get acclimated to the work flow out in the field. You may want to print it out and provide your team with a copy for their first few days using GorillaDesk in the field. 

Tip: You may want to print and provide your technicians with the checklist for their first few days using GorillaDesk in the field. 

  1. Check for active jobs
  2. Open the application and select the desired date
  3. Green Tiles indicate that there are confirmed active jobs on your schedule whereas, grey jobs indicate unconfirmed jobs.
  4. If a job is unconfirmed, we recommend getting confirmation from your customer before heading to the job
  • Click on the tile to open the job
  • Check in
  • Check the Top note for any specific instructions for that customer
  • Continue with the physical part of the job
  • Scan/Check in devices (If Applicable)
  • Show Weather
  • Fill out/Send any Documents (If Applicable)
  • Add/edit Materials

Add Job Notes and/or:

  • Report findings
  • Add Attachments
  • Notify another user 
  • Check out

View Work Order and/or:

  • Add notes visible to the client
  • Take a signature
  • Send Work Order by email
  • Change the job status to ‘Complete’
  • Click on the Calendar Icon in the upper left and select your next job
  • Repeat

Depending on your workflow you can also:

  • Send Invoice by email
  • Add a payment
  • Send Receipt by email

NOTE: Whenever you are adding a payment to an invoice, you will always want to make sure the invoice has been changed from ‘Draft’ to ‘Sent’ status. This can be done by:

  • Sending the invoice by email
  • Manually marking the invoice as ‘Sent’

For example, if a customer provides you with cash or a check in the field, you will need to manually mark the invoice as ‘Sent’ before adding a payment. This will add that invoice’s balance to their account. Sending an invoice by email will also add that balance to their account.

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