Part 6: Create service templates

Service templates make creating jobs as easy as 1-2-3. The more information that is filled in ahead of time, the more information that will come pre-loaded when you use a service template to create a job for a customer.


Services are templates for setting up default job parameters. This allows a user to create new jobs quickly on a daily basis.

The pre-built service templates make creating jobs as easy as 3 clicks.

You can build a service with a robust amount of recurring variations. You can even create frequencies which exclude dates, perfect for seasonal services or services with odd frequencies.

How do services differ from items?

Items are only the invoice line item whereas a service is a template that makes up all the parts of a job.

A service template can include:

  • job details
  • recurring frequency
  • invoice
  • materials

Tips and Tricks

  • Often your item name can and will reflect closely to your service names.
  • Naming items and services is a personal preference. There is no right or wrong way when thinking about naming.
  • We believe less is more when it comes to adding items and services as it’s easier to communicate among your team when there are fewer options.

Always Confirmed Option Explained 

You can set a job to start off in one of two statuses: Unconfirmed or Confirmed. Setting a job to start off as always confirmed means you don’t need to contact the customer ahead of time.

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